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New Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15

I haven’t used Clinique in ages. They were one of my go-to brands back when I was in High School and my stress was at an all-time high (I still have nightmares about those damn college apps and SATS from time-to-time!). My skin would break-out so often that there were very few brands I trusted. Now that a more balanced lifestyle (and non-crazy hormones!), have settled in I can, luckily, be more experimental. Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15 ($24.50), a lightweight oil-free liquid foundation, however was just awarded a Beauty Biz Award for Breakthrough Product of the Year and I jumped at the chance to test-out a foundation from one of my old-time faves. First off it’s available in 20 different shades — I would suggest heading to Sephora to make sure you pick the right one as it’s tough to tell online. The foundation gives full coverage (amazing at covering-up pores/blackheads), a smooth finish (I topped it off with a bit of powder to help set it in), and even though it’s matte, combined with a touch of powder and a highlighter it gave me that natural glow look that I’m always looking for (a friend took pictures of me the other night when I had it on and even in the pictures there was a healthy shine that came through. Actually on the photos you couldn’t even tell that I had anything on my skin..always nice!). Plus we can’t forget the importance of SPF protection even when it gets cold out (and especially for anyone who is skiing over the holiday — don’t forget to load-up on your SPF, even on your lips!).

For more on Clinique’s New Even Better Makeup SPF 15 click here.


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  1. Absolutely love this foundation, with one problem, the lightest shade “alabaster” is too dark for me. I was very sad to discover that, I bought it anyway, thinking I could put it on in thin layers but still too dark. Fantastic coverage though.