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Quiz 9: “Twelve Days of Lashes” Giveaway from Lash Allure!

UPDATE: OUR QUIZ 9 WINNER IS Hwa G., Fort Huachuca, AZ

megan fox lashes.jpg

We are so excited to launch our Twelve days of lashes with LASH ALLURE giveaway– we are giving away twelve tubes of our favorite lash serum. Guess the celeb lashes to win a Lash Allure Eyelash serum— your lashes will thank you!

Huge thanks to LASH ALLURE for sponsoring this generous giveaway!
Rules: US residents only please. Leave your answer in comments. Quiz will end each day at midnight and winner chosen via random drawing. Have fun!0px;” />

41 thoughts on “Quiz 9: “Twelve Days of Lashes” Giveaway from Lash Allure!

  1. Megan Fox

  2. Megan Fox

  3. Megan Fox

  4. Megan Fox

  5. megan fox

  6. Megan Fox

  7. Season’s Greetings!

    I will have to agree with the status quo.

    The eyes look like the lovely Megan Fox.

    Many thanks, Cindi

  8. Megan Fox

  9. Looks like Megan Fox to me.

  10. Megan Fox :)

  11. Elizabeth on said:

    Megan Fox

  12. Megan Fox

  13. Megan Fox! :)

  14. Megan Fox

  15. Megan Fox

  16. megan fox

  17. Megan Fox

  18. Kayce Crews on said:

    Megan Fox

  19. Megan Fox…..she is super gorg!

  20. Megan Fox

  21. Black Apple on said:

    Megan Fox

  22. Megan Fox

  23. Megan Fox

  24. Megan Fox

  25. Megan Fox, what a babe.

  26. Megan Fox

  27. Valerie H. on said:

    Megan Fox

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