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Rodarte Obsession


Every once in a while, a piece of clothing will render me senseless.  Such was the case when I spotted this Rodarte leather and python jacket at Barneys this weekend!  I almost stopped breathing when I saw it!  Jackson (Concierge at Barneys) called it a strait jacket, but it was one that I willingly strapped myself into.  The fit was amazing, high up on the arms and snug through the shoulders– with so much going on, you need this to be razor sharp or you’ll look sloppy.  The details really make this piece; the unexpected knit collar softens up the distressed/marbelized leather, and the strips of python on the arms and multiple straps add texture to the jacket.  It’s had to understand Rodarte’s magic until you actually wear one of their pieces.  Now I get it.  I’m a believer!  I will save and starve (as Kate Moss says, “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” so who needs food, right!?) until I get this!  The sizing is really crazy, though.  This is a size 8 I’m wearing (US size 8!), my SA suggested a size 6 which is more like a 0.  This isn’t something you want to buy online, go try it on.  Or call Korey at Barneys New York 469-221-4809  and email him for more details.



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  1. r u sure about this jacket? it doesn’t seem like its anything by the look of the pics. the white streaks on it make it look grafitti-ish… not my style i guess.

  2. It’s amazing in person and the white is not as discernible for some reason. They are letting me borrow it for a television appearance, so I may get it out of my system that way!

  3. gor-geous! with a cute pair of leggings and ankle boots or black trousers and sky high heels = AMAZING OUTFIT! don’t forget to add the derek lam clutch in either white or grey!!! LOVE it!