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Sabon – The Essence of Pleasure


Admittedly I’m a little biased when it comes to Sabon; they’ve got a boutique two blocks from my apartment and not only is shopping there fun because there’s always someone offering to scrub your hands in something decadently soothing, but the prices are mild, the staff is super-friendly, and the line is Israel-based (I gotta support my people!!). That aside when a product works it works and Sabon makes some of the best scrubs I’ve tried. Now they’ve come out with a new line of fragrances called Essence of Pleasure. The six fragrances in the collection are each named in Hebrew for the meaning of the fragrance main note. One of the six happens to be musk — my new obsession since discovering Tom Ford’s White Suede — so I was intrigued to see what it smells like given that at $32 for 80ml it’s a lot more affordable that Mr. Ford’s $180 50ml bottle. Jump for more!

While I did find Sabon’s Musk to be sultry, it didn’t have the same allure as Tom Ford fragrance (but really if you ask me nothing does…). It will however please anyone who is a musk fan. It didn’t come off as something I’d personally want spritzed all over my body, but I love it as a spray for a room or just as a spritz for my wrists. Besides Musk, the collection’s scents are all classic favorites making them great last-minute stocking stuffers. See below for the full low-down on the collection!

  • Shir: Classic Lily of the Valley
  • Aviv: Jasmine.
  • Zer: Rose
  • Tal: Ocean Mist
  • Zohar: Musk
  • Oneg: Patchouli and Vanilla


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