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The “Tina” clutch by Adriana Castro


It’s hard not to gush over a bag that was designed and inspired by you, especially one that is so stylish!  Adriana Castro is fast becoming Hollywood’s favorite exotic bag designer– and can you blame Eva Longoria and Sarah Jessica for loving the youthful and chic designs? The bags above belong to me. My husband called Adriana when he found out she named a bag after me and secretly bought me one for my birthday!   Imagine my surprise when he presented me with not only the Tina clutch, but a cake in its very likeness (jump for photos)!  Now I’ve had many gifts from my favorite hubby on earth, but this one is one of the most special because he put so much thought and effort into it. The white one is the original size (9.5″x5.5″) and I ordered a blue one in a larger size (12″x7.5″– Adriana can customize it however you’d like!) and can not decide which one I like better.  The white one is great for formal events and dinners, it’s discreet in size yet the pearlized crocodile skin makes it stand out.  My blue one is slightly more versatile as I can use it day or night, with jeans or a dress.  Which ever color combo or size you choose, I know you will love the clutch as much as I do (my friend Melinda bought 3 of them!)  This is one of few clutches that will fit a regular sized wallet without squishing it.  Check here for prices, colors and sizes.

The “Tina” clutch is from Resort 2010, you must contact Adriana to purchase it directly. Call 1.866.460.4484. or email Adriana’s sales team here!



My cake!


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  1. How cute Tina….I know you often mention he tells you to save your pennies in times like these or do you really need more bags but how thoughtful a beautiful bag and bag cake what more could a girl need on her special day! You have a keeper there.

    Lucky girlfiend of yours bagging 3 what colours and sizes did she go for!?


  2. I own Nancy Gonzalez and Adriana Castro Clutches and I can say both designers are unique. I am really into Adriana Castro clutches lately. I find the skins better finished. And again, I love supporting upcoming designers. Congratulations Adriana.