REVIEW: Time Arrest by Dr. Brandt

Dr. Brandt is the go to skin guru for the likes of Madonna so I decided I needed to investigate his new anti-aging skin care line, Time Arrest.  I got the V-Zone neck cream, Eye Serum and a face serum called Laser Tight a couple of weeks and have been using all three religiously ever since (I even brought along the set along to LA for Thanksgiving holiday!).  Read on for my complete review:

TIME ARREST EYE SERUM $85: This is not watery like most eye serums, the consistency is thicker but not a cream, either.  I loved the scent, it has a tinge of lavender and I press it along my temple points when I apply it.  It’s an excellent tightening serum for use under eye cream and/or make up.  The complex also gives an immediate smooth texture to the delicate eye area which I desperately needed.  There is a concentrated source of organic silicone that strengthens capillaries and helps break down fat deposits that from in eye bags.  However, it is not moisturizing enough to use alone if you are an older snob.  I use my iS clinical eye cream over it. 

V-Zone Neck Cream $60: I used to use Natura Bisse neck cream regularly but have not replenished in a while.  The V-Zone is totally different from what I am used to.  It is a heavier consistency and definitely has a tightening effect.  It’s helping with the very faint vertical lines on my chest (I was told it’s from sleeping on the side– a habit I picked up when pregnant and could only sleep on my right side!).  I also like that it is slightly tacky in texture so it dries quickly, no mess on my shirts.

Laser Tight $85: I have not tried a laser treatment yet because Asian skin does not always react well with lasers so I was very excited to test this product out.  It has a faint sweet/sour scent (from the sweet pea extract and hyaluronic acid) and slightly similar texture to the eye complex.  Many tightening serums leave a residue on my skin but the Laser Tight absorbs into the skin immediately!  It reminds me of the way my skin feel after an egg white mask, nice and tight and utterly smooth.  For snobs with oily skin, this may be all you need.  Me, I still need a heavier moisturizer after wards. 

Overall, the line is impressive and performs well on my skin.  It’s probably the most promising doctor developed line I’ve ever tried.  It’s better priced than high end lines at department stores and doesn’t have the heavy perfume-y smells or unnecessary fillers.  If you want to try one thing, I highly recommend the Laser Tight– you can also use it around the eye area!  Have you tried this line?  Let me know what you think! 

2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Time Arrest by Dr. Brandt

  1. I bought his book about botox and it was an eye opener. Will try the eye serum, have been looking for a new eye treatment. Thanks for the detailed review. Found you in inStyle mag last month and love your site!

  2. I always heard doc brands are not worth the money and you didn’t like the Perricone if I recall correctly. I would be interested in trying this line as I read about it on another site.

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