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Bally Mayla-E python bag

bally snakeskin bag.jpg

I rarely see American women carrying Bally bags for some reason.  But when I’m in Europe, I see them on the most chic women!  Perhaps Bally bags of past seasons have been too subtle for American taste but the new Mayla-E python bag will surely jump start your engine.  Brian Atwood says he was “inspired by the intense women of movies such as Notorious, Chinatown,

The Eyes of Laura Mars, Out of Africa and American Gigolo; all very

different, yet all the women had a naturally sophisticated style that

was distinctly European.”  Me, I like the effortless ease of the bag and the ruching of the ultra luxe python gives it an elegant yet whimsical shape.  It’s something I could travel with or take to work (which for me is, um, shopping!).  The price is also really reasonable given it’s a large exotic skin bag.  Mayla-E python bag $2595 at Bally boutique, 628 Madison Avenue , 212.751.9082




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  1. I have a phython Bally bag from 2008 and wear it all the time and ALWAYS get compliments. Strangers come up to me to say nice bag. I live in NY but when I’m in the mid-west…people say…i love your that a Michael Kors? ACK!

    I don’t expect them to know Bally …