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Alexander McQueen Skull Clasp Clutch

alexander_mcqueen_skull_clasp_clutch.jpgI was gaga over the McQueen quilted clutch last summer but Kelly talked me out of it (I’m still kicking myself for not ordering!).  After seeing the latest incarnation of the skull clutch, however, I’m not so sure skulls are for me after all.  The black crystals make it appear quite creepy and sinister not to mention really cheap looking.  It also does not help that the croc embossing is one of the worst I’ve ever seen.  Maybe it’s not trying to look real but for the price they are charging, a small piece of crocodile skin should have been used!  This is something I can find on Melrose, for about 20 bucks.  What do you think of the skull clutch from McQueen?  Are you over it?

Alexander McQueen Skull Clasp Clutch $1,175 here



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  1. I am a huge fan of Alexander McQueen!!! His stuff is always so innovative and edgy!!! His S/S 10 Collection left me breathless!!! His bags are also always so FABULOUS!!! Though the fact that this clutch is Croc-Embossing and not real Crocodile is a little disconcerting!!! I do love the Skull though, it is just a little dark and edgy, which is very McQueen!!!

  2. The shape of this clutch has been popular for a very long time, Any idea, who first came up with it ? I´m over embossed crocodile or snake,lizard. I´m also over this skull thing too.

  3. this skull is less benign than the others. it’s downright sinister! and i am also over the mcqueen skull clutch. time to move on

  4. I just have never understood the fascination with skulls as an object of fashion. We all have one…attached to our neck, under skin and hair…so I don’t see the need to carry around, wear, or otherwise be adorned by a miniature, bejeweled version.

  5. I really like skulls. It’s the night the skull that’s making the clutch look cheap. It’s the ugly crocodile embosing that cheapens it.

  6. I agree with you tina…this piece is a little creepy even though I love Alexander Mcqueen’s style and clothes. I also like skulls but just not this one on these bags. A better clutch is my Bottega knotted clutch.

  7. I hate when leather is embossed to look like python or crocodile. I only have one bag with croc emboss and it’s a Brahmin— they do a really authentic looking emboss, I think. Oh, and I got it for FIFTEEN DOLLARS at a flea market.

    McQueen is one of my favorite designers, but it looks like he never even touched this clutch. Over $1000K?!?

  8. You just have to buy it! I got a similar one for my website business and the response has been amazing. It is just right for evening outings and the colour will match just about everything in your wardrobe. A must!!

  9. Over skulls? Was never on it in the first place! It just seems wrong to carry anything around glorifying death. There’s enough of it around us alread.. no need to add to it. I think the only time skulls are allowed to come out are on Halloween!

  10. It’s not my taste. I am not a fan of skulls, they creep me out, and I don’t like the color of the leather, it’s dull and bland. I’d spend that money on a classic YSL! 🙂

  11. Love the skulls clutch,bought a red snakeskin one,as it looks more refined than the mock croc.Not everyones in love with the scull,but i think it makes the bag stand out,not so boring.I would never have bought a clutch otherwise.