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Anjolie NYC

Anjolie NYC is a recently launched soap brand that manufactures all of their products following Ayurvedic traditions — Ayurveda is the oldest

continuously practiced

medical science in the world

dating back over 5,000 years. The soaps in the line are handmade in India where the natural oils and glycerine

are maintained (one of the founders spent 15 years living in Thailand, Laos and

India so she wanted all of the products to be produced in a woman-owned and operated facility). The soaps have an aromatherapy, soothing quality to them and are not only moisturizing, but also nourishing to the skin given all of the essential oils and herbs they contain. Seven rejuvenating scents are available and the soaps retail for $8.95 each. They come beautifully packaged and would make for a nice housewarming gift (a re-usable gift box is also available). You could use them as handsoaps, but given that they’re moisturizing and smell refreshingly strong, I’d suggest using them all over your body:-)


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  1. Don’t worry – Anjolie Ayurveda Soaps are not named after Angelina Jolie. Anjolie means divine offering in Sanskrit which is the classical language of India. These soaps were developed after enjoying the benefits of Ayurveda for many years in India. We hope you will try them and enjoy them. Thanks for your comments.

    Cary Gabeler


    Anjolie Ayurveda