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Bobbi Brown Makeup Face Lift Collection

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It seems all of my bffs are doing something to themselves. Smart lipos, boob jobs, injections, tucks and lifts, etc. Even Kelly had the Thermage done last fall and is now contemplating all kinds of other fun stuff.  I have nothing against “help” but just have not braved them myself.  But trust me, when it comes time, I’ll be right there in line for that face lift!  Luckily, right now, all I need is the proper tools– like the Make Up Face Lift Collection from Bobbi Brown.  She designed the items to allow women to look well rested and bright-eyed in five minutes flat.  Brighten your face and play up your eyes with just a few simple tweaks.

New Extra Eye Repair Cream

This is an amazingly rich concentrated cream that visibly revives eyes by targeting wrinkles and dark circles.  Once cream is absorbed, follow with Tinted Eye Brightener or Concealer.  Price: $65.00

Tinted Eye Brightener

Bobbi’s Tinted Eye Brightener, now in a NEW portable pen! Back-of-cab makeup artists (you know who you are)- with just a quick twist and a click, this lightweight Concealer instantly brightens under-eye circles and refreshes your makeup. Available in eight shades.  Price: $38.00 

New Brow Pencils

Instantly give your eyes a “lift” with defined eyebrows. These creamy, blendable pencils give you the natural look of eyebrow powder with the precision of a pencil and come with their own sharpener. Available in five shades.  Price: $20.00

Brightening Lip Gloss

Introducing two new shades of Brightening Lip Gloss. This sheer, reflective formula wakes up your face and helps create the illusion of fuller lips. Wear alone or on top of your favorite Bobbi Brown lipstick. Price: $20.00

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  1. Tina, I am of that age, and went in for an eyelid lift just after Christmas. This is the first time I have done anything like this. I am here to tell all of you bag snobs, think twice before you let anyone cut into you. This sort of thing is going to seem archaic in a number of years, as lasers take over for the scalpel. It was not painful, but the inflammatory response your body undergoes is very stressful, and not healthy. It is not “simple and easy” as many would have you believe. This being said, I can’t wait until the swelling goes down, and I can use eye products once again.