Chanel “Coco Country” Bag

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When Karl Lagerfeld erected a Chanel barn for his spring fashion show–complete with haystacks and reclaimed wood–I knew he had something pastoral up his sleeve. While I may not have agreed with his choice of shoes (clogs anyone?), the bags are a completely different story. I love the playful take on classic Chanel bags refashioned and crocheted with raffia, ribbon and fabric flowers. This “Coco Country” top handle bag, however, is both on-trend and ladylike. The ladies-who-lunch set from Hong Kong to Boston will snap this bag up for sure (if they can get their hands on the few pieces produced). It’s by no means a lightweight piece; the sturdy woven raffia ensures this structured bag keeps its shape while swallowing all your daily essentials. A nice twist? Chanel’s classic quilted leather used in the handles and CC charm and also to rim the bag’s opening. My only qualm with this bag, and with many of Chanel’s seasonal bags, is exactly that: seasonal. Beyond this spring, this bag may soon seem passé. But its eye candy factor will continue unchanged.

$5,400 at select Chanel Boutiques or 800-550-0005

24 thoughts on “Chanel “Coco Country” Bag

  1. Super cute, but not 5k cute. When did seasonal bags become so ridiculously expensive

  2. mochababe73 on said:

    I am a Chanel fan and hope to own one some day. But this bag is ugly. Why not just pay the money for a classic style that can be worn year round. Five thousand dollars for a summer handbag is outrageous.

  3. this bag is hideous on so many levels, i’m not quite sure where to begin.

  4. ‘Eye candy factor’…..really? It’s beyond hideous from where I’m sitting!

  5. chanel freak 1011 on said:

    3 words ug a ly

  6. chanel freak 1011 on said:

    3 words ug a ly

  7. way to kitchy to be classy. it looks like something carrie bradshaw would take to the country trying to be cute, only to drop it in cow manure and shriek “my chaneeelllll!!” which is to say: ugh.

  8. I’m not feeling the appeal of this bag. I have a hunch that if it were not Chanel, it would receive a lot of negative reviews.

  9. Well, part of the reason why this bag would probably receive more negative reviews if it were not Chanel is because the classic Chanel design elements would then be copied. Since it *is* Chanel, though, it can’t be ripping them off.

    That said, I am not a big fan of this bag. The raffia braid is sloppy and ill-defined, especially in contrast to the quilted leather details. And has anyone taken a peek at the other Coco Country handbags? They look like they belong on Regretsy.

  10. No no no no no!

  11. at first i thought this was a bag cover/sweater to protect your bag. oh boy! no way, not for that price.

  12. Puss of Scandinavia on said:


  13. Clearly none of us here are the “ladies-who-lunch-set” that Jim mentioned because I am with the majority of you here: UGLY. I wholeheartedly agree with kamo’s comment — which was way witty and funny!

  14. Chanel is testing our intelligence.

  15. I can’t believe that raffia now has a 5k price tag.

  16. seriously? Bagsnob praises this bag and chastized gucci recently? I’m sorry but I rather take the “impractical and over the top bag” that is gucci or even the “sloppy” Marc Jacobs than this Chanel. If you take out the Chanel name, this bag would get so much heat for being a horrible mess that it really is.

  17. Are you blind? I don’t care if it’s Chanel. It looks disgusting.

  18. This bag is overprized. That’s the type of bag you can eventually buy to use sometimes, it’s very girly. But 5.400 $? Absolutly ridiculous. I must say that I’m a little surprised to find a positive review about it in bagsnob. I understand that other classic magazines can find it lovely, only because it’s a chanel bag and they use to find any brand bag beautiful. But I don’t know, I was expecting something different from this blog. I mean, it costs 5.400 $ for a seasonal raffia bag!!! Are they serious?

  19. this bags look good and the prices seem reasonable. thax for share.

  20. handbaghanna on said:

    I am in love with Chanel. I just can’t enough of them however……..this looks as if it would be the most uncomfortable of all of their handbags to wear! I would never spend this amount of money to LOOK at a bag. Sorry……….not buying this baby!

  21. sal williams on said:

    I don’t have anything in my wardrobe that is downscale enough to make this bag look good. What is wrong with KL? Has he forgotten who the great Coco was about and what her basic fashion rules entailed. There is nothing redeeming about this bag but if they get rid of the weave around the base, substitute wood or chain for the leather, line it with a signature print, and put the logo on an engraved slab of smooth or pebbled brass – it might have a chance. Even then I probably would not buy it…Not Coco enough for me.

  22. I love Chanel, but this does not work for me at all… and certainly not for that price point.

  23. so lovely! a little expensive but totally worth it! probably more a collector handbag than a bag you wear everyday…

  24. Anonymous on said:

    a bit weird it’s alright though

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