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Clarisonic Skin Care Brush


Everyone, stop what you’re doing and go out and buy this immediately. I LOVE this so much, I cannot imagine life without it. When I was considering it, I had to really justify $200 for a brush when seemingly my hands were perfectly functional and adequate for washing my face. I missed the last two months’ facial so I thought, OK, that would have been $200 or more.

I will never need regular facials again. I mean sure, facials are nice for the whole experience and relaxation, etc. but if you have all the hydrating, exfoliating, cleansing and anti-oxidant serums at home (yes, we all do) then the deep cleaning is the only job left of a facialist. This will completely transform your skin. First of all, you use this daily – just one minute a day, so your face will always be clean and free of dead skin cells. The sonic cleaning removes every trace of make up and cleans deep within your pores so you get refined pores, baby smooth skin and a prepared surface for better absorption of your products.

For the price of 2 facials, you are essentially getting a mini facial every day. After only one week of use, all the little bumps on my chin and forehead are gone. A few days after use, I would touch my skin and little “pebbles” from my skin would fall away – the bumps!! It took 4 months of regular facials to get rid of those in the past but once I lagged, they came back. I can honestly say, I have absolutely no blemishes on my face now. My skin is also about 2 shades brighter because I have no dead skin cells and my healthy skin is all you see. Those giant nose pores? Gone.

It comes with one brush and 3 cleansers. They are all fine but I like to use my own – you can use anything, even scrubs. This also is great for the body but you have to get a separate body brush. They say not to share brushes, but I used it on my husband and we’re both still ok. At Sephora for $195.



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  1. I bought the clarisonic mia- only $145 at sephora- it works the same has same brush but is smaller and only has one speed. It is much easier to travel with as it has a cord recharger and is smaller to pack.

    I love it what a great product!!!

  2. Thanks for the review! I didn’t think there was any hope for the pores on my nose!

    I’ve been on the fence but I’m convinced now! I’ll likely buy it on ebay, hopefully new and unopened in box. They sell for avg of $130 on there so you can save a little money. I bought my thermaclear new on ebay for $60 and saved so much.

  3. I got mine at Christmas and I think it’s absolutely awful. I think I’m one of the few ones it doesn’t work with but my skin feels oilier, I’ve broke out all over my forehead despite following the instructions to a T. I’m debating whether to take it back but when I skip a day it seems to get even worse.

  4. I have used the Clarisonic for almost 3 months and see no improvement in my skin. I still have large pores on my nose.I really thought I would get results. I guess it cleans well, but didn’t change the pores. It does feel relaxing using it, but I just see NO difference in my skin.

  5. I agree that the Clarisonic is amazing but actually, you shouldn’t be using scrubs with this brush as the small particles may enter the space between the brush head and the Clarisonic unit, resulting in malfunction.

  6. I have been using the miracle bar for months and although it has helped my rosacea a little, I still have dry flaky skin right after washing. I think you did a review on it a while back so I was wondering if you would recommend this instead since you have used both. I have really sensitive skin along with the rosacea and have a hard time finding something that actually gives results like everyone else seems to get. Any advice you could give me would be really helpful. Thanks so much

  7. I bought the Mia travel one and I absolutely love it! It took awhile for me to finally give in and shell out the $$ but it was the best investment I’ve ever made. It totally helped my skin in the sense that the redness/rough texture on my cheeks is finally disappearing and I can’t believe how smooth my skin has become over the last few months.

    I’d been using MAC’s Lightful collection for a few months to improve clarity and brighten my skin and it’s worked somewhat, albeit a bit slowly. But I have noticed a big improvement using my little Clarisonic with the creme cleanser…I feel like the rest of the skincare is actually doing it’s job much better. Now I look forward to washing my face now every morning and night with this brush. It’s amazing!

  8. I like the brush but it sometimes malfunction. After a while, the brush keep on operating on the body brush mode even though the face brush is attached. I can’t understand the problem. Clarisonic just told me to charge it for 48 hours which obviously did nothing to fix the problem. Not sure what to do now…