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Deux Lux

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Deux Lux is one of those brands that make a lot of “slob bags,” but for every 10 slobs they’ve got a fab frugal snob find that for the most part will only set you back between $60 and $125. If you’re familiar with the line that was started in 2005 by a mother and daughter team you’ve probably noticed that a number of their pieces are frugal versions of Bottega Veneta and Rebecca Minkoff, but they’ve also got pieces like the Piper Drawstring ($124) pictured above and the Tribeca Twist Hobo ($98), pictured all the way on the right below, which are more original. The quality of the bags isn’t top of course, but if you’re someone who gets bored of bags quickly and isn’t looking to make a big splurge for something that will last you for seasons to come, Deux Lux is certainly worth taking a peak at. Check-out their line here!



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  1. I am not a fan of the name “deux lux” sounds terrible and cheap to me. As far as the bags go, I do like the way the grey clutch looks but I do not care for the bag featured.

  2. After purchasing a deux lux bag I would not recommend it at all. The zipper broke within 3 months keepy in mind I did not use this bag daily at all. I emailed the company directly telling about the issue (and I was not the only one that had an issue with a defective zipper, feel free to google this issue) my email just got sent around. It’s been 5 months and no one has given me a proper response or any resolution. Hope others read this and it saves them the $60-125 they might decide to spend.

  3. Wow, completely agree with Katie. I spent $200 tax in on one of their duffle bags and it is a complete mess now! It has tons of white strings hanging out from all over the place. I love collecting purses and don’t mind changing them up often.. but if I’m spending $200 on a duffle, I’d like it to last longer than 60 days. I e-mailed their customer service today but after reading Katie’s review, any resolution does not look promising.

  4. I have to differ from all other posters. I purchased my basket weaven Duex Lux ag last year (2012) in June, and I have yet to have any problems with it besides people asking to have it and my lil sister trying to steal it. I also get major compliments from it and getting asked several times if it is a Hermes bag. I do wear mines on the reg. and the leather is sturdy, soft and classy. Sorry about you others but I looooooove my DEUX LUX and plan on making another purchase really soon. Oh and I like the name it sound EXOTIC. Why purchase a bag if you can’t appreciate the name?!

  5. I have a navy messenger bag that I’ve been using just short of a year. I love it, overall it’s held up well, I’m thrilled that its not real leather and still manages to not appear cheap. Good job deux lux.


    Only two or three weeks after I got it, There were signs of wear ALL over the bag…especially on the corners. Visible tears in the material. Very ugly but doesn’t effect the overall use of the bag. Pretty disappointed in its non-durability. Esp for the cost.


    I still love it. May even order from deux lux again. Just a heads up