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Do It or Age Quickly


I’ve been telling pretty much everyone I talk to lately about the book “Do It or Age Quickly.” All I can say is BUY IT! I have very little patience and have a hard time relaxing (it’s why I can’t really get into meditation or yoga…), and like most of us I’m always looking for quick and easy solutions to problems. This book – written by JB Berns who has a long background in martial arts, yoga, personal and wellness training – is full of quick tips that can improve your health, mood, and over-all well-being. It’s has plenty of sketches like the ones above to illustrate the various points Berns makes and a great deal of the book is pulled from experts that the author has spoken to (I kind of felt like I was reading a very well written research paper at some points), but this is a good thing. I love that the author brought outside sources and spoke to various experts about everything from what toothpaste to use and how to prevent baldness, to the benefits of various Chinese herbal supplements and breathing exercises.

To give an example of some of the quick and easy tips given in the book, check-out the sketches above. Sketch one on the left is how you should sleep to achieve the most restful sleep (no pressure on your organs). The sketch in middle is the best way to sit if on the floor, while sketch three on the right is the best way for you to sit on a chair (at least the best way for your body, I’m not sure how lady-like it is:-) ). To find out more about why these are the best, check-out the book, it’s truly a wealth of useful knowledge especially for those of us looking to make small, easy changes.


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