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Eco Kids Eco-Dough


The love for Play Doh is endless and although it is “non-toxic”, it is not the most eco-friendly considering it contains all that dye. And have you every tried eating it? I personally do not think it smells as delicious as some people do, but if you ever get some in your mouth, you will find that it is extremely salty and totally disgusting. This is why your tot never tries doing that more than once. Eco-dough is an alternative to the classic, it is made from plant and vegetable extracts and has NO chimicals, artificial dyes or metals. The containers are made from cornstarch and are 100% compostable (if you have a compost, if not, this will just simply disintegrate at the landfill). It suposedly does not dry out as easily as Play Doh and even if it does, add olive oil to revive it. I have not tried this but I have tried adding water to Play Doh, which is very messy and does not bring it back to its original luster. Eco-Dough at Amazon for $24.50, which is a bit pricey but going green usually is.



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