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How do you “Pimp Your Bag”?


Louis Vuitton has always been on top of the latest cultural trends, be it outfitting its bags with cell phone pockets or creating the first “designer” iPhone case. So, frankly, I’m quite surprised that the brand hasn’t found a way to create and market its own snob worthy “base shaper” for the ever-popular Speedy bag (a recent holiday best-seller!). The “base shaper,” according to those sold as aftermarket merchandise on eBay (“Pimp My Bag” anyone?) for $15-$25, is essentially rigid rectangular material (available in felt, velvet, or even acrylic) shaped to fit snugly in the Speedy to prevent the un-reinforced bottom from sagging over time or when heavier items are placed inside. Talk about nostalgia: when my mom got her first Speedy 40 almost 10 years ago, she experienced the same agita. Her solution? She simply cut a piece of cardboard and placed it at the bottom and voilà! Problem solved!

What about you? How do you pimp your bag?

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  1. I go to the garage, take out a box, clean it, cut it into a rectangle, wrap the cardboard in the Louis Vuitton dustbag (because really, LV is coated canvas, dust is the least of its problems, they’re made to last!) and voila, a base for my Ebene Damier Speedy 25! It’s fast, cheap and free!

  2. Louis Vuitton doesn’t recommend this product, nor will it create one, because the Speedy bag isn’t meant to retain its shape. This product can potentially tear the corners of your Speedy.

  3. I felt the same way about this post!!! Yay for Man Snob Jim! I ordered my base shaper from ebay for about $20…I know LV does not condone the use, but my Neverfull was super ugly when it was saggy! I guess I could of used cardboard too, but after spending that much money on a bag another 20 wont kill me =) Plus it matches the red Damier inside…

  4. I didnt want to potentially wear out the corners of my speedy 25 with a really rigid baseshaper but my sony ebook reader is always at the bottom of my bag and voila! no saggy speedy. also a paperback works the same way- i used a sudoku book which does double duty as boredom buster and base shaper!

  5. I too am glad to see a Vuitton post. I think they deserve some respect. I will try the cardboard wrapped with dustbag. Clever idea.

  6. interesting tips here… taking a cork sheet also works. it has no sharp edges that may tear the bag..It shapes it perfectly and will protect the stuff inside the bag as well..

  7. I have a speedy 40, i happened to have a tupperware lid i no longer needed and was almost exactly the size of the base of the bag, so i use that. Its great because its firm… but not stiff and light as a feather, plus because it doesn’t reach the very corners of the bag they dont wear any more than normal… Best of all it was free! I also use it on my longchamp le pliage totes which IMHO look horrible with not base shaper.

  8. That’s funny, my Mom made me a base shaper out of cardboard wrapped in glossy paper after she saw my sagging Speedy. Thank God for Moms. 🙂