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How much for your old Gucci? Let Christie’s tell you!


Gucci & Christie’s Offer First-Ever Vintage Products Appraisal Service

Vintage bag lovers, rejoice! Gucci has partnered with Christie’s auction house on a new, and first-ever, partnership to appraise its vintage products. “Gucci Collector: Presented by Christie’s” is the first-ever Gucci-certified online destination for such a service, fusing the heritage of Gucci with the expertise of one of the world’s premier auction houses.

This service, designed for collectors who want to learn more about the provenance and worth of their products, will, according to the company, provide a “trusted” venue for transactions of vintage Gucci items thereby “avoiding recourse to ‘uncontrolled’ auction sites such as eBay.”

The free service started on January 18 and is offered on the Christie’s Web site–accessible both via and The customized page allows users to upload photos of their vintage items and to submit an appraisal request. Within a 2 to 4 week period, an auction estimate will be sent (prepared by Christie’s Director of Fashion and Textiles, Patricia Frost, in collaboration with the Gucci Archive Department), as will notice on whether the product would be appropriate for an upcoming Christie’s vintage sale.

In order for the appraisal to take place, collectors will be asked to provide: clear color images of the front and back, and a close-up of the signature or identifying logos, dimensions, medium and other details available, such as history of the item or any literature relating to the item.

What’s more, for the true Gucci aficionados, the Florentine fashion house is well underway with plans to unveil a Gucci museum in Florence, Italy in 2011 to coincide with its 90th anniversary.



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  1. Hi Christie,I hope you can help me by asking how old is my Gucci bag is. I have a number on the back of the tag it is 10 numbers it is ( 001-115-0918 )i hope you can tell me,and how much it is worth.please help Thanks from Charmaine Caldwell

    1. I have a black Gucci bag # 8833313 @NOATD8831628, it has Gucci right on the front of it and it says made in Italy right on the front of it as well. It’s in great condition, hoping you can tell me a little about it, how much it’s worth, etc. the purse is in the shape of maybe a square pouch, very,very soft leather.
      Thank you,

  2. hi christie, i would like to know how old my gucci bag is and the value, the code is (37-01-3999)AND YKK on zipper!blue and white,

    many thanks..

  3. hi christie, i would also like to know how much my old gucci is worth…in excellent condition with all the “markings” brown and tan with signature green and red stripe…code number is 39-02-006…thank you so much!

  4. All white leather, foot wide, 1 inch thick, flat u shaped handle attached from one side to next say gucci imprinted above where attached, opens on side with silver latch

  5. Hello! I found some old Gucci bag, I think it’s pretty old, from grandma. I would like to know how mutch it’s worth, and from witch year it is. Serial number is 001-48-104 3. Thank you!

  6. I have a vintage gucci bag I beleve to be from the 1960’s. The number on it is 901-02-015, I am curious to find out the worth, it is in excellent condition and when I carried it for a couple days it never fails to receive comments. If you could help it would be much appreciated! Thank you

  7. Hi, I’d like to get a quote for my vintage Gucci handbag, serial number: 99-001-3602.

    It is burgundy leather, with beige calfskin lining and double circular golden clasps. The handle looks like laminated wood that is hooked around metal eyes.

    Thank you!

  8. I have a beige with brown trim Gucci Scarf Tote Bag with the numbers 153033 on the inside tag. It is approximately 3 years old, has never been used and has always been stored in its Gucci dust bag. How much should I sell it for?

    Is it possible for 2 or more vintage Gucci bags to have the same “serial number”?
    I found 3 bamboo top handle handbags from the early 1990s that have the same serial number. I read somewhere that they could since back then this number wasn’t unique to every bag.

    Please answer, thank you so much!

  10. I have some old metal frame Gucci glasses , made in Italy GG 1777/Strass 6LBXY 51018 135, I was seeing if u could tell me how much they are worth or anything about them plz and thank you

  11. Hello I have purchased a very old (VERY VERY OLD) bag. It says made in Italy by gucci on the inside with a leather tag. It looks like it has all leather trim on it. It also has a small lock. It looks ancient. Inside is done with loose stitching. One of the zipper is off and only half on. It looks like a Gucci bag before Gucci was ever known. 🙂 Help me please.

  12. Hi, I found a very old Gucci Bag in my family’s very old apartment that I’m renovating. It’s a duffle size and, of course, all leather. The code is 012-1095-3691. Interested in finding out what to do with this. It has markings, but if cleaned will make a great bag.

  13. Hi I would love to know some info on my bag and to see if it’s authentic or not There is a serial number on the back of the inside flap (001.090.1379)
    It’s a shoulder bag with only 1 strap it’s either dark navy blue or black in colour, has 1 button to close has a blue fabric lining inside, has to little side straps with button to loosen or tighten the bag and has 4 decorative gold buttons on the out side 2 each side, all hardware is stamped .
    Hope you can help me

  14. I have a Gucci handbag serial # 95-22-11-32-95. Can you please tell me what the bag is worth today? I thank you for your assistance.

  15. Going through my closet I found 2 Gucci purses in mint condition that I didn’t even know I had? If I send pictures can you give me an estimate on what they’re worth? Thanks!

  16. I have a small gold metal purse from the accessory collection FRIENZE it is still in the original box has the markings GM/A0016 on the box would love to know how much it is worth

  17. I have a burgendy gucci bag with long strap. like suede inside with some compartments.

  18. Hi good evening .. I just wanna ask if this code is real NOATD8831626. No. 8833313… How old This bag and what cost this is from my husband grandmother give to me… Thanks

    1. Did u find an answer to your question as I also have one with that same number on the snap. It’s the ONLY identifying thing I can find and its on the snap.
      Please contact me if you got any response

  19. Hi good evening .. I just wanna ask if this code is real NOATD8831628. No. 8833313… How old This bag and what cost this is from my husband grandmother give to me…

  20. Hi…I have what I believe to be an older authentic white Gucci handbag (007.904.0014).
    Any chance I could get a ballpark figure of its worth?
    I appreciate any information…thank you!

  21. I am trying to find out about vsle if so n e gucci merchandise 03504161991 wallet , 0013815002046 shoulder bag and if u could please tell me when these items will be considered vintage

  22. I bought an old bag with serial 012.1046.0270. It’s a rather large bag in between a briefcase and a possible carry on. It’s in really good condition. It has a luggage tag on handle and 2 clasps to close the bag and 5 metal pieces on the bottom of the bag. A lady authenticated, but she is a competitor and won’t do the paperwork. How do I tell how much it may be worth.

  23. Hi I have a sorta round Gucci ourselves has a certificate collection tag I would love to know if it’s worth anything 89.02.062 thank u

  24. Vintage condition Gucci bag serial number is 02. 2112.58. Can you please tell me how much its worth? Its old but its in really good condition. Thank you

  25. Hi i just wanna ask if this code is real NOATD8831628. No. 8833313 . my boyfriend just got it from his grandma for me. If it is real what is the cost of this bag.

  26. Hi …I have a black reptile skin Gucci handbag in great condition. It was my mother in laws mothers so probably bought in the 1950,s. It has a leather wallet containing a mirror in it. I would like to sell it , could you advise on a price and where best to advertise it.
    Kind regards

  27. Hi Christie, I have a Gucci Authentic Wine GG Monogram Canvas Shoulder Bag, serial no. 115003 02026. I would like to know how much it is worth.

  28. A, apparently genuine vintage, Gucci handbag was donated to Oxfam. As a volunteer I agreed to see if I could find whether it is genuine and if so what it might be worth.
    I have taken photographs and could email them if necessary.
    There is no number but has “Made in Italy by Gucci” in gold lettering inside the bag. It smells old and is not in the best condition. Can you help please?

  29. I have a original print Gucci bag with the red and green stripe it medium size the gold tag is off other than that it’s in good condition would u be able to tell me how much it’s worth

  30. I have a gucci bag that I found in a antique store. All the research I have done seems to be the real thing. I am trying to figure out exactly how much it is worth. I can send pictures of everything if needed.

  31. Hi Christie, I was wondering how much my 1940’s white leacher Gucci Bamboo handle bag is worth, thank you.

  32. Hi Christie, I have a Gucci bag, Can you tell me how much it is worth?The numbers inside are 02 026 01 01
    004 5015 1 5011 14 00