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Ilari Roll-on Perfume


For the last five years I’ve kept a tube of roll-on perfume from Kai in my make up bag.  Roll-on perfumes are the best, so easy to travel with and very little risk of leakage.  You can also discreetly pull them out and dab right under your nostrils (tip: dabbing roll-on perfume under your nostrils is a great way to cover up after dinner breath, you can lean in as close as you’d like to your dinner companion and he won’t detect the garlic butter escargot you just devoured!)  I discovered another delicious scented roll-on perfume this week by Ilari at Barneys New York.  I was immediately taken with the exotic blend of jasmine and sandlewood mixed with orange blossom.  It’s a clean scent with a slightly mysterious undernote from the sandalwood– utterly feminine and very sexy!  I also love the story of how the fragrance came to be.  The creator, Hillary Schneider, created her own love potion #9 by mixing oils and body mists when she moved to New York City from the Midwest.  She attracted attention everywhere she went but it was the attention of one attractive stranger that mattered most.  He told her he could marry someone that smelled so beautiful (how cute is that?)– and they were married last year.  Now if that’s not the most romantic story to tell your grandchildren I don’t know what is!  You must try this if you’re at Barneys New York, you may just find your soul mate 😉 

Ilari Roll-on Perfume here $65



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  1. I ADORE Ilari! And not just because Hillary is a dear friend…I often find it difficult to find a fragrance that is subtle, feminine, and not too overpowering. With Ilari I have found it. I wear it every day and often roll some on right before bed to relax. Purchasing perfume for someone else is a very personal thing-you have to really know their tastes-and I recently bought it for 3 people. Each and every one of them raves about it. You cannot go wrong with this delicious fragrance!

  2. I love my spray perfumes, but I do have a few roll-on’s. I just feel that some of them just give off different strengths of the perfume. So my opinion, the roll-on is stronger than the spray, but the spray gives off a wider smell around the body.