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Julianne Moore in Bvlgari at Golden Globes

67th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivalsbvlgarimoore.jpg

Wowza!! Julianne Moore had the privilege of wearing these incredible $3 million Bvlgari emerald earrings to the Globes for being in their Spring/Summer 2010 ad campaign (wearing the same earrings). The Colombian pear shaped emeralds weigh in at 52.86 and 62.32 carats. Colombia has the world’s finest emeralds. My mother-in-law is Colombian so she makes sure I know this fact!! =) This pair of perfect emeralds were shown at Bvlgari’s first retrospective exhibition at Il Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome last year. I wonder if she pulled a Sharon Stone number and kept them!!


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