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When I first started using make up brushes, I was told I needed to wash them regularly to rid of “bacteria”.  I ignored the advice in college cuz I kept thinking, it’s my germs and I’m not sharing the brushes with anyone so why should I worry.  Well, a forehead full of tiny bumps is why I should have worried.  If you do not clean your brushes reguarly, bacteria will collect and will clog your pores or worse, make you break out!  If you’re busy (or lazy like me) — you might want to try disposable brushes from Klix.  The brushes are made of synthetic fiber but still utterly soft.  The best part about it is when the brush is dirty, just click and toss and put new ones on!   Klix Brushes here.



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  1. I use Klix brushes and they are the best make up brush I’ve ever used. Soft, they don’t leave those pesky little pieces of brush all over your face and the make up goes on so smooth.

    Totally the best!

  2. These brushes are amazing!! Even my foundation goes on smoothly. You don’t need as much makeup because of how evenly everything goes on. I love it!

  3. My girlfriend recently started using these brushes and the difference to her skin is amazing. We had no idea that her dirty brushes were causing minor breakouts after she would apply her make up. This product is genius. This could be to women what the disposable razor was to men!

  4. I just got Klix Brushes and LOVE them! They are so soft against my skin and apply my makeup perfectly! I even got a free kabuki brush with my order and it’s my favorite brush of the four. The best part is that I no longer have to worry about my skin looking bad because of dirty makeup brushes.