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Lanvin Amalia Denim Shoulder Bag

lanvin amalia.jpg

This is not what I wanted to start the new year with. No no no, not leftover denim scraps from the failed Lanvin Denim line recycled as a bag!  I have no idea who would buy this but houses on wheels come to mind when I look at it.  The denim line from Lanvin was uninspired and boring, we had really high hopes for Elbaz but when I saw the collection at Barneys I was beyond disappointed.  The salespeople even told me everyone who looked at it gagged and walked away as well.  Which is what I did when I saw this denim Amalia bag, I gagged and closed the page.  Feel free to do same.  Lanvin Amalia Denim Shoulder Bag $1675



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  1. The problem with Lanvin is the pricing. It’s not worth it. Their day dresses are 5k and they look like bad satin. If I’m spending 5k or above, I will be walking in to Oscar to buy something special for evening with amazing handwork and gorgeous fabrics — not draping. And if I want to look great for the day, I can spend 2k look amazing, as well

    I’m not sure why he thinks a woman would want a knock off Chanel bag in Denim. Ridiculous

  2. I know this so random (sorry!) but I am thinking very hard if I should buy the Lanvin Happy PM in midnight blue/navy satin. I’ve got a couple of Chanel’s 2.55. Will the Happy be redundant? Advice/comments?