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New Year New Lashes from Lash Allure MD!


I have a cabinet full of lash serums (complimentary of various PR firms) yet I find myself consistently using Lash Allure. I have been using it regularly since September and after 4 months my lashes have improved dramatically! I had lunch with my friend Liat in LA a couple of months ago and the first thing she said to me was, “your lashes look long, what are you using?” (she knew I had some tricks up my sleeves to share!). As I mentioned in my initial review, Lash Allure MD does not contain any prostaglandins which have been shown to cause skin darkening and eye discoloration in some consumers. We gave away 12 tubes over the holidays but if you missed out, don’t worry! Beauty Snob readers can receive 25% off Lash Allure MD to start the new year right! Priced at $49.99, this is not only the most effective lash serum we’ve tried, it is the most affordable! Click here to purchase and while you’re at it, grab one for your best friend or sister so you can compare your results!

Discount code: Beautysnob Expires January 30, 2010.



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