Derek Lam Nadia Hobo


If you’re cool like that, you will rock this Derek Lam hobo like nobody’s business. But make sure you’re really that cool because you need a bit of bad ass in you to make this work. Derek has said that the Derek Lam girl is “mysterious, a bit naughty, sexy and flirtatious, and she lives for her cocktails!”. This is a quote from an interview we did with him in April 2008, and boy has he remained true to himself because that just about sums it up for this bag. The only thing you can predict about the girl with this bag is that her cocktail is strong and definitely NOT fruity! I must have this for Fashion Week NY! Get it at

Shopbop for $1090.

6 thoughts on “Derek Lam Nadia Hobo

  1. this is so interesting! by the way, visit this page and you will find everything about handbags (bolsos, carteras)! see you there! :)

  2. mochababe73 on said:

    Very cool bag. I would wear it if I liked hobos. I like a structured bag with a little slouch. But I agree, you must have a little bad ass in you to make this work.

  3. Linda B. on said:

    Nice lines, however, a little too oversized and looks heavy.

  4. michelle on said:

    re: Fendi Zipper Hobo Bag

    Hi Kelly:

    I looked at this bag at Bloomingdales. I am looking for a summer bag. This bag comes in a natural leather color as well. What do you think of using this bag for summer in the natural color?? What do you think of the natural color??



  5. I wouldn’t really call myself badass but this bag appeals to me. I think I can wear it. It’s the first bag that has appealed to me in the last eight months.

  6. Love this bag! There’s a tan brown one on the Derek Lam website –

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