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Neil George Refresh Dry Shampoo


I just got my hair done at the Neil George salon so of course I want to preserve the immaculate style. So what do I do? I had Neil throw in this Refresh Dry Shampoo. Two days later, things were looking a bit matted so I gave it a try. This is not like the T3 or Bumble and Bumble that sprays a colored powder to cover up the greasy hair. This actually blows some sort of super power mist that dries the hair. It does have ingredients that are blown on the hair as well that helps to absorb oil from your hair and scalp but it does not coat the hair and make it sticky. The texture of course is not like freshly washed hair but as far as dry shampoos go, this one does leave the hair much more “natural”. It also smells divine with a blend of Jaborandi, Cherimoya and Gotu Kola which also stimulates circulation and strengthens the roots. Great to bring on trips, but make sure you check it though, you will not be able to carry this on! At for $18.



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  1. I bought this and used it once. When I tried to use it again, it was completely empty. Nothing was in the can at all. When I called and asked, the cs rep said, “Oh, it happens sometimes. Since it’s aerosol, it can leak out.” Seriously? I paid $18 for one use? And that one use didn’t even seem to make any difference. I use Stila’s hair refresher 4 times a week, and the same bottle has lasted me more than a year so far. Works much better. Squeeze a few puffs into the scalp, massage it in, it disappears and your hair smells and feels clean and has body. At half the price of the Neil George, I’ll stick with this, plus you can bring it in your carry on.

  2. I recommend Tigi’s Rockstar. Best dry shampoo I’ve ever used! Smells great and does the job, unlike others from Sephora.