New Beauty Shimmer Product


I have no desire to glitter as brightly as a Christmas tree but a little sparkle never hurt anyone (right!?). The All Nighter All Over Shimmer PowderTM is an all-natural highlighter for hair, face, and body that gives you a gorgeous subtle glow (and I promise no one will mistake you for a pole dancer). This unique, multi-purpose loose powder is formulated with silk, rice, and minerals – gently scented with just a touch of cinnamon though I don’t know why anyone would want to smell like pumpkin pie.  I tested this out and the color is fairly neutral, kind of champagne-ish.  Try brushing it through hair to add a bit of sparkle if you have a big night out (please make sure hair is clean, mine was not and it just made it look greasier).  All in all, a really fantastic shimmer for the entire body and the compact is really tiny so you can travel with it, too.  The All Nighter All Over Shimmer Powder here $18

One thought on “New Beauty Shimmer Product

  1. I thought this brand looked familiar, I have seen their dry shampoo powder review and though I have never tried it myself it sounds like it works well. I had never heard of this shimmer powder though, and I am a HUGE fan of things that shimmer and sparkle, so I am so happy that you let us all know that this is available. :-)

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