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If there’s one thing I know about men and beauty products is that, for the most part, they are even more hyper-conscious about what product packaging looks like than woman — heaven forbid there would be anything overly-feminine displayed in their bathroom! While most of my male friends and all of my ex-boyfriends have been fairly averse to beauty products (I’m talking down to not using shampoo…), I’m lucky to have two beauty snobs in my family. My dad and brother will gladly test most anything I give them, so they jumped at the chance to try two new products I was sent from HommageShaveCare Emollient: Relieve and Face Cleanser Purify. Hommage is great because their products will please those who judge mostly on looks (the packaging is “manly” and super-sleek), as well as those who go by quality. Of course given that these products are for men I can only relay what I was told by my father and brother. My father used the Emollient: Relieve outside of the shower, while my brother used it in the shower (it’s a  water-resistant, transparent oil-gel so it won’t melt off your skin). Both agreed that the gel softened their stubble for a quicker, cleaner shave and was time-saving in that no after-shave or moisturizer was required afterward. Jump for more!

As for the Cleanser, my brother loved it because he could use it in the shower. He’s studying to be an engineer, very active at his university (he was voted student of the year!), so he’s always pressed for time. The cleanser left his skin feeling soft, clean, and moisturized even in the cold weather (he’s at Wash U in St. Louis).

For any men that need some pampering head over to the Hommage website or Barneys and check-out this multi-tasking, time-saving line!


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