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Nogoy– The Art of Couture Waistwear

nagoy edt 11.bmpnogoy edt 2.bmp

I came across some Nogoy belts at a local accessories shop this weekend and was in awe with the beautiful crafts of Nogoy. This is a UK brand that specializes in using exotic leather and intricate handcrafted metals to create ultra-chic waistwear. These are definitely statement belts that could glamourize any simple outfits and are quite on trend with the heavy metal styles going on this season. I am particularly attracted to the Black Lily belt and the Navy Mosaic gem belt– the strong silouette combined with stingray leather and mother of pearl details make them hard to ignore. Some people say that a woman’s waist is the sexiest part of her body, and these belts could definitely accentuate those sexy curves like no one’s business. Black Lily belt and Navy Mosaic belt available at Liberty


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