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Tarte EmphasEYES ™ High Definition Eye Pencil

The Tarte EmphasEYES™ High Definition Eye Pencil is probably one of the only pencil liners that I have been able to use.  It is a super skinny retractable eye pencil, so it never gives a fat dull line.  I typically never use a pencil liner because with most of them, to get a nice smooth line, you have to pull at the eye and I just refuse to do that in fear of getting fine lines and wrinkles.  I mean what’s the use on spending $200 on an eye cream when you’re just going to abuse your face anyways.  This liner applies on really smooth and I get a nice thin line without having to touch my eyes at all.  It stays put pretty well because it’s made for the waterline, but I don’t put liner there because it tends to close up my eyes.  Get Tarte EmphasEYES™ High Definition Eye Pencil for $18.

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