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Must have bag of the season: Tod’s Shade Tote


There was an article in WWD yesterday that retailers are challenged as consumers choose simplicity over indulgence. What’s there to be challenged about? It’s much easier to do simple, isn’t it? It certainly is in Tod’s case, they’ve built an empire around simple chic (at reasonable prices)!  Simple, however, does not mean boring.  Take the Shade tote for example– it’s Tod’s classic tote– with a twist!  Yet it still reflect the core values of the brand; impeccable craftsmanship, highest quality material and modern design.  To say Derek Lam has brought a refreshing edge to the iconic brand would be a major understatement.  I love that he used the classic Tod’s contrasting hand stitching but tweaked it just a bit, a slight lift to the corners is a brilliant way to update a classic tote!.  Each season I pick up a new Tod’s bag, no doubt the Shade Tote will be moving into my bag closet soon but the question remains… which color? I have many blue totes (two from Tod’s alone) and have a new passion for orange so I think it may be the one for me.  What about you?  Which color do you prefer?

Tod’s Shade Tote at Saks for $1,050



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  1. i’ve been looking at this for weeks and wondering what you guys thought of it! i think the orange is more special too and great for a blonde like me :-)))

  2. I like both shades, but am not sure which one would be more versatile, especially for someone like me – a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal that doesn’t like a whole lot of color in my clothes wardrobe?

  3. I wonder if the bag fits comfortably on the shoulder over a coat? I have been looking at purchasing a Tods bag for years.So classic and I love the orange. It’s almost a neutral color to me. I have orange Prada loafers and I treat them nearly as a neutral. Good price, too.

  4. i don’t think it would fit comfortably over the shoulder. the handles look a bit short. thats the only thing keeping me from buying this.

  5. Saw this on Sak’s “new arrivals” last week, and I’m SO IN LOVE! I think blue for me though. I have been wanting a blue bag. Tina, do you know if they already have it at the Tod’s store at Northpark?

  6. I like the colors and shape, but it looks like a handbag not a shoulder bag. I am a busy working mother. I need to be hands-free so this bag, as beautiful as it is, would be a no for me.

  7. Hi everyone, sorry for the late reply. I have not been on my computer all day– been playing hooky!

    I am petite so it fits over my shoulders 🙂

    And I will find out what other skins it comes in… xoxo Bag Snob Tina

  8. anyone else get insanely jealous that tina can sling it over her shoulder?

    love love love orange. i love all the orange bags being featured lately

  9. I saw this bag at the Tod’s store in Forum shops in Vegas recently, and it does look gorgeous. However, I couldn’t help but compare it with a classic D bag I have and I like my D bag better. The leather (I think it is) on this bag is not as supple as the D bag, it actually feels thin and not leather like. Also, the interior is not leather. I do like the shape, and it fits over my shoulder well (I’m petite) but materials wise I was not impressed.

  10. That’s where I saw them, in Vegas! 🙂 I feel the shape is much younger compared to the other totes. The reason it’s not lined in leather is because Tod’s consciously tried to keep the price at $1,000. Usually a tote of this size would be $1500…

    xo Bag Snob Tina

  11. I have not bought a tod bag since I was working in an office setting. I have found them to be a little boring. But I just saw this tote (in a light beige color) at my local boutique and the leather is gorgeous and the price is definitely reasonable. As for you, I vote for orange..the blue is not the right blue.

  12. Its still available at The blue is beautiful but the orange is just gorgeous!I had no problem fitting it over my shoulder.

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