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Where the Wild Things Are x Opening Ceremony: Snob or Slob?


I was never into “Where the Wild Things Are” growing-up, I was more into happy, go-lucky Judith Viorst and Shel Silverstein-type books, so when the picture book was turned into a movie I was fairly indifferent about it. A few weeks ago though I was at Barneys and bought this fierce bracelet from the Where the Wild Things Are x Opening Ceremony collection (if anyone is interested in the collection it’s 40% off at Barneys Co-Op, so check there first before buying online!). I decided to look into the collection to see if there were any other items that I might like. No luck. Aside from a few of the jewelry pieces (done in collaboration with Pamela Love), the majority of the collection is a faux-fur mess and the handbags take the cake in slob-dom. The above reversible pieces — faux-fur on one side and plaid cotton on the other side — retail for $85 and are a mixture of acrylic and polyester with cotton lining. If you’re a big fan of the children’s book I guess I could understand you buying one of these as a collector’s item, but I couldn’t really think of a justification to walk around looking like a monster from the book!

What do you think about this collection? Snob or Slob?


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