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Cameron Diaz in Chanel Cocoon Bag


First of all, how cute is Cameron Diaz? Having interviewed and interacted with her in the past, I can say without a doubt she is one of the most perky, easy-going and multifaceted actresses in the industry. I’ve noticed that while she’s fully embraced the relaxed, comfort-chic California vibe when it comes to dressing off-camera, it’s all about her accessories. Nothing punches up humdrum tees, jeans and UGG boots than a punctuation mark in the form of a discreetly conspicuous handbag (yes, such a thing does exist). To wit, check out Chanel’s Cocoon handbag (the one Lily Allen modeled in the Chanel campaign last fall), which Cameron was spotted sporting on a recent errand run. How much do you love that she chose a fiery red over boring black? Aside from a subtle CC logo emblazoned on the handle, nothing about this bag screams Chanel–which is to be appreciated in these economic times. Money aside, this lightweight nylon-and-lambskin bag, secured by a metal clasp on top, is as practical as it stylish: inner pockets galore, super soft handles, waterproof and easy to wipe down! (It also doubles as a fabulous pillow in case you were wondering). If Chanel made the Cocoon in a larger messenger style, it would be the perfect diaper bag. The best part? For those days you want a more subtle approach, the Cocoon fully reverses to a subdued navy with red trim.

$2395, available at Chanel boutiques



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  1. debbie, it’s not fabric.

    It comes in either lambskin or nylon.

    The lambskin is divinely soft and luscious. I love mine to bits. 🙂

  2. I saw these in person when I got my grande shopper tote in Vegas in October. Not only are they overpriced but in person, the nylon looks super cheap! Even my hubby said it was a waste of a Chanel bag. Eek!

  3. Whoa, whoa. “In these economic times”, $2395 for a flanker to my parka?! I easily found similar cocoon bags for less than $30.

  4. My only question is why anyone would spend $2,395 for a handbag that more closely resembles a sleeping bag than a Chanel?

  5. I saw this bag in person and fell in love. It’s so cute and different. Would I spend that kind of money for a handbag? Of course not, I’m a teacher. If money were no object? Heck yeah!

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