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Celebrate Fashion Week with DEREK LAM Blanche Tote Giveaway!


We are kicking off fashion week with one of our favorite designers, Derek Lam!  We begged him to give away the must have tote of Spring 2010, the Blanche tote in taupe “powder calf” (worth $1,690), and he indulged us!  This fabulous tote is not in stores yet but a lucky Bag Snob reader will win it before the rest of the world even sees it on the shelves!  I’m obsessed with the yummy calf skin– it has been treated to give a distressed texture and is butter soft yet still incredibly sturdy.  I do not need to tell you that this color will go with just about everything in your wardrobe, do I?  Top handles and removable body strap makes the elongated tote easy to carry.  This is the urban girl’s Range Rover!  The Blanche tote will be available at Barneys and Derek Lam boutique in late March– you might want to call Wayne to put your name on the list for one in case you don’t win 212-966-1616 (is it scary that I know the number by heart!?)

We will be running this giveaway through the end of Paris Fashion Week, March 15th. All you have to do to win is SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER. Even if you have signed up before, you must sign up again to qualify.   And please, leave Derek a comment on why you love his designs– he’ll be reading them personally!

A heartfelt thanks to Derek Lam and his amazing team for sponsoring this generous giveaway!  Follow Derek Lam on twitter here.  And don’t forget to join his Facebook page.



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  1. This bag is gorgeous! It would be perfect to carry all my stuff and I’d look so hot doing so! Derek your bags are always beautiful!

  2. Thanks for having this wonderful giveaway. This bag looks super comfy to the touch and very useful for a college student 🙂 Super trendy as well. I love Derek’s handbags, because they look pretty versatile and definitely edgy, there is also a multiple ray of colors to choose from. I definitely like a designer that can project his vision to something material that one can keep forever.

  3. I heart Derek Lam because his designs are never fussy or overkill. You get clean lines which is my taste. Thank you Derek and Bagsnob for this giveaway!

  4. It’s the details that make the bag – the tassle, the gold hardware, the fabulous chain strap. It’s a great size for carrying all my stuff and it’s an attention grabber – which is half the reason we ladies love to carry extraordinary bags!

  5. With Derek Lam, you know you are getting a bag that is different, its not a bag for every girl, its for the unique, the independent, but still ultimately functional and classically feminine. A derek lam bag makes the wearer feel special without being ostentatious.

    Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

  6. Thank you to Derek Lam and Bag Snob for such an exciting giveaway! I couldn’t be happier because I find Derek Lam’s designs to be for the ambitious girl-on-the-go who stays chic at the same time!

  7. I love Derek Lam! He had some amazing coats in his winter collection that I would have died to own!The bags are great too esp the hobos!

  8. I LOVE DEREK LAM’S DESIGNS!!!! They are at once feminine, modern, and FUNCTIONAL which makes them perfect for the smart, strong and modern day woman.

  9. I love this bag! This is definitely a dream for me – this would be the ultimate college girl bag! Here’s hoping that that dream becomes a reality – it would stir up quite a bit of jealousy around campus!

  10. I was crushing on the Nadia Hobo you posted but this is gorgeous too. The asymmetrical pockets make the bags distinctive in the classiest way. Love Derek Lam!

  11. His designs are fun and fresh. They are not too simple, and not too over over the top. My eye was caught with the Python Elsa Clutch, and from there I fell in loveeee.

  12. I love Derek Lam! His designs are for the ever stylish and chic woman with a rock glamorous edge, a.k.a. the woman I aspire to be!

  13. The thing I love about his bags is that they’re so incredibly unique and you can tell a lot of thought has been put into them, they weren’t just thrown together! They really are bags that can be carried for years!

  14. Thank you Mr. Lam for this amazing giveaway. This bag is truly original. I also love your dresses, elegant and understated, allows the woman in them shine through.

  15. Wow, the person who will receive this bag is going to be one lucky gal. This bag is not only functional BUT it’s simply GORGEOUS!

  16. this bag is filled with so many details the eyes just wouldn’t know how to stop roaming. the lines invite you to go from one point to the next and back again. it’s simply a work of art. thank you for the giveaway! it’s great to have a minute chance of even owning this bag

  17. I’ve been in love with Derek Lam bags since 07. I purchased my first Derek Lam Famke Hobo back in 07. It is very similiar to the color as to the one shown here. It is one of my favorite bags. The soft velvety-suede feel, the comfortable strap that fits perfect on my shoulder. The cute lock and hidden hardware. The zippered sides. I get so many compliments when I display it.

    Thank you for this wonderful give away. I would love nothing more than to add another Lam creation to my small but beautiful collection.

    Good Luck all and thank you again snobs and Derek Lam.

  18. MB, Nice way to not suck up! I sort of agree. Every time I go to purchase a DL bag I stop, look at it again, and think, nah, not really, really doing it for me. He’s like a back up date, you’d throw him over in an instant for a hunkier guy.

  19. Oh…there’s so many reasons why I would love to win this bag. Whoever does win it, will be extremey lucky.

    It’s functional, trendy, with enough details to make it interesting and unique, it’s just a perfect balance.

    And I love how ‘soft’ it looks… -sigh-

    Thank you for the chance



  20. I’ve just recently become familiar with Derek Lam’s bags. I really love the hardware he uses. Especially the chains used for the shoulder straps. I also like the tassels he uses in his bags. It adds a fun twist. I really wish I could own even just one of his bags, but I’ll be honest, there’s no way I can afford it. Thank you to Derek Lam for being generous enough to give away a FABULOUS prize & to BagSnob for continuing to give us readers a chance to win the most covetable bags.


  21. Lam’s designs get me every year, continuing to be my favorite in the pack. His designs do what is always so difficult to do, which is walk the line between femininity and intelligence

    while still being current and edgy. They truly are investment pieces. This is what I want from a designer these days, something that I can go to and know that I will feel confident, sexy and

    never feel that I have crossed the line to a passing trend. His shoes are absolutely my favorites this year, and his bags have every year sat in my wish list on every website they are sold. I would be proud to own this gorgeous bag.

  22. This is a stunningly gorgeous bag. I love the neutral color and that the size is large without being overpowering. I love that the strap makes it easy to carry. A definite statement that can be brought out for a variety of occasions and seasons. I love it.

  23. His designs are never boring and always seem to be setting a higher standard. His handbags are not just another handbag, but are taken to a whole new level that any fashionable person would desire to carry around and hold on to it forever.

  24. His designs are never boring and always seem to be setting a higher standard. His handbags are not just another handbag, but are taken to a whole new level that any fashionable person would desire to carry around and hold on to it forever.

  25. I like the details on this bag.

    I like the chains and the clasp, but tassel has to go.

    And I think the shape is awkward. it’s too long

  26. I love this bag! Stunning to look at ,easy to carry and the perfect size to carry everything I need. Soft and elegant,I would love to and proud to have the Blanche tote for arm candy! Delicious!!

  27. What a fabulous looking bag. There is nothing like an incredibly good-looking purse that is soft. I love

    Derek Lam’s designs because they flow with color and

    softness. The Hobo and Bucket Bags are my favorite!

    The Aria and Beatrice Sunglasses are my favorite styles

    because they are larger-sized and I adore their colors.

    The Resort Wear, Summer 2009/10 are my favorite clothing

    designs. Many thanks, Cindi

  28. Thanks for the giveaway! I love Derek Lam, the designs are so unique and have unexpected details, the hardware is always fantastic, and the bags are comfortable to hold and carry on my shoulder!

  29. I signed up for your newsletter!

    Derek Lam makes some of my favorite designs in both handbags & clothing. He always includes unexpected detailing that is subtle and striking. I love asymmetric styling, and I’ve noticed his penchant for it as well – the placement of the front pocket on the Blanche Tote, the pocket on the Nadia Hobo*, his Halter Bow Top, and Asymmetrical Cap Sleeve Blouse with Snaps all include a careful, measured dose of asymmetry. Check out his pre-fall 2010 collection & see the button placement on the coats & vest top – it’s perfect! I adore this styling – Derek Lam is a genius at incorporating just the right amount of off-kilter detailing or draping into his designs. Honestly – I wish he would dress me in the morning! I am always drawn to asymmetrical designs & my body seems to carry them well. Well, a girl can dream…

    *definitely a bag I dream about at night – so sleek & exquisite!


  30. I love Derek Lam bags because they’re funky AND sophisticated. They’re perfect for woman who wants to feel young and express her personality, without looking like a teenager.

  31. I love Derek Lam because his clothes are just beautiful! And this bag is KILLER, it is the perfect bag that would go with anything and I would die to own it. Love you Lam!!

  32. LOVE the bag. Derek, your fashion & style are so classy, but fun. Love the bags, love the hardware, and this would so look soooo lovely on my arm. 🙂

  33. I love the unique style – the slant of the pocket. The chain in the shoulder strap and all the detail he put into it. Love it and would be so proud to own it.

  34. Wow, what an incredibly generous offer. Thank you Derek Lam! Your designs are incredibly beautiful and always so intuitive to the modern woman!

  35. This bag is exactly what i have been looking for to transition into spring. Beautiful color and details. I love the chain AND the tassel!!! Feminine and functional. Both are very important to me when choosing a bag. You will make one lucky person very happy with this give-away! Thank-you!!

  36. This bag is exactly what i have been looking for to transition into spring. Beautiful color and details. I love the chain AND the tassel!!! Feminine and functional. Both are very important to me when choosing a bag. You will make one lucky person very happy with this give-away! Thank-you!!

  37. This bag will definitely oomph up my outfits and will be the it accessory of the spring and many years to come! i actually do not have this color bag, so the bag is perfect!!! i could carry this to work or for a weekend getaway!!!

    thank u!!!

  38. i love this bag because it looks so stylish yet classic at the same time. something i could be using for years to come.

  39. Like Mies van der Rohe’s iconic chair, Derek Lam bags strike the perfect balance between function-first modernity, and the sensual appeal of luxury materials. The result is a carefully crafted utility object that can be carried every day of the year, whether you’re wearing denim or silk. This particular bag’s cool gray tonality is set off by warm touches of gold-tone hardware, giving it the harmony of a classic; at the same time, the diagonal pocket flap subtly declares the individualism of its owner. Design meets desire.

  40. ode to derek lam

    I love your functional and chic style!

    Your hobos make my heart flutter.

    The bright colors your choose are oh so fun.

    Don’t stop making these GORGEOUS collections!

  41. What an interesting bag! I would sure look more important and credible with this bag as opposed to the dirty canvas carry-all I carry around (single mom – no time or cash for personal improvements)

    I would definately be the envy of my friends with a high quality, classy yet chic bag such as this one that Derek Lam is so generously offering to the less fortunate.

    Love the shape, the color, the chain, and the assymetrical zipper. It would look good on my arm and give me some assemblance of self-confidence and a touch of glamour to my otherwise non-existent personna. Thank you for the opportunity to wear your design!

  42. I love that bag! the color is great and would look nice with most anything. Just hoping I win! Thanks for the opportunity! I’m now following you Derek on twitter too! @bellows22

  43. What a fabulous bag! whoever wins this one is LUCKY!! Priveleged! Honored! Chic! Classy! Beautiful!

    What a knockout! Could I ever hope to win this fabulous bag?????? I could Hope and Wish forever! Please pick me to show off this fabulous bag! I would be the envy of everyone who sees it!!!! What a boost for one’s ego! I could sure use such an uplift!

    This bag is phenomenal! What a great designer! Knows how to make a lady look good!

  44. I think that this bag is fantastic. Everyone should spend good money on a handbag that is made well, smells good and can withstand time. This one meets all my requirements!

    Thanks so much for this chance

  45. I love Derek Lam’s Blanche tote purse. I wish they sell this color online…..i csn only find the blue or cream one…so I went online and got myself a blue one. It fits a lot of my junks in there!! I love the calf skin leather too. But I am not sure why it doesn’t come with the tassel…..