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Equinox Fitness Clubs-My Body. My Biography


Are you one of those people who make New Year resolutions to hit the gym regularly but somehow can’t stick to it?  If so, you need to head to Equinox to read “My Body, My Biography”— a new campaign that tells the compelling, often emotionally-charged, stories of people who have triumphed over adversity thanks to the physical and mental health that working out at Equinox has afforded them.

Equinox decided to develop this concept by building an entire advertising campaign around their members’ stories of personal triumph, as well as an interactive microsite called The site includes compelling profiles, pictures, and videos of select members as well as user generated content where anyone can share their own story. Visitors can expect to get to know inspiring Equinox members, such as an injured Olympic athlete, a struggling single mother of five and a plane-crash survivor.  Seriously, if this does not inspire you I have no further words of widsom for you. 

You can also find behind the scenes footage and videos at as well as follow Equinox and share your story on and



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