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GIVENCHY – Studded Soha

That’s it, I’m OVER studs.  This bag from my beloved Givenchy has put me over the edge.  I don’t have many studded bags but the few that I have I’m going to put in storage (except my Hermes Medor clutches– those are timeless and I’ll use them regardless of trend).  This had the potential of being a simple chic flap bag but the mixture of pointy (not to mention dangerous) studs with stars, grommets and logo is just too much for me.  In fact, the studs are so heavy it’s causing the entire bag to sag.  And you know we do not like saggy bags.  This is perfect, however, for the ultimate trendy fashion victim.  If you want the world to know you own a Givenchy and that you are a trendoid– get this asap.

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2 thoughts on “GIVENCHY – Studded Soha”

  1. I cannot agree more. I’ve been over studs for a while now, even though I generally like the whole rock-chick look. It would be nice to use a Givenchy bag for more than just a single season, so I would definately go for something a bit less ‘flashy’.



  2. I am ashamed to admit I am a fashion slave to studs and will love them even when I’m eighty. Somehow, though, I get that this Givenchy is just overkill. We expect more elegance from the brand. But I am feverishly trying to sell stuff to get my studded and fringed Gucci Babouska out of layaway. Don’t hit me.


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