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Tom Binns "All Heart" Red Queen Necklace


Looking to make a statement this spring? Look no further than Tom Binns, whose limited-edition capsule collection for Disney inspired by Tim Burton’s upcoming film, “Alice in Wonderland,” launches this week. Anyone who’s ever tried on or worn one of Binns’s necklaces knows they’re not only significant, weighty pieces, but they’re true handmade works of art to boot. Of the six pieces in this special collection, priced from $575 to $1,000, I found myself gravitating toward his “All Heart” necklace named after the movie’s Red Queen, natch (other characters he drew inspiration from include the Mad Hatter, the White Queen and the White Rabbit). Is it just me or does looking at this necklace of hematite chains, Swarovski crystals and countless red resin hearts make you crave a box of old-fashioned Red Hots cinnamon candies? What I appreciate about this necklace is that it’s both simplistic in design yet statement-making in sheer attitude. Can’t you just picture it at a spring season gala or Hamptons backyard barbeque? Wallflowers need not apply; a woman brave enough to wear this necklace needs no introduction: she’s the center of attention, the life of the party–in short, a real firecracker. $1,000 at Tom Binns Design online.



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