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Trunki Ride on Suitcase


trunki_rideon.jpgIn Eat, Pray, Love (yes, I’m reading that) the writer equates traveling with having children – it is a huge hassle but the joy and love of it makes it all worthwhile. So does that mean traveling with tots is ten times more joyous? Because it is ten times the hassle! I travel a lot with my tots and have found very helpful products to get me through it as breezily as possible. But nothing has been as fantastic as this, which does make traveling ten times more enjoyable – for you and your tot!! This ride on / pull along suitcase will make your time at the airport seem like an amusement park, to quote my daughter, “It is the mostest fun suitcase I ever had”. And the bonus is of course, they are carrying their own stuff!!. There is a long strap for you to pull your tired tot or when he/she decides she wants to run now, you can easily pull it behind you or on your shoulder. Toys, books, snacks, extra change of clothes and DVD player all fit nicely in there but the inside is not lined, it is just the plastic of the case. There is a criss cross band that holds things in place. It is incredibly lightweight and very well thought out and designed. The latch has a lock so things don’t accidentally spill out, but the key to the latch is on the strap so you’ll never lose it. When you’re at home (or hotel room), it acts as a ride on toy! The only downside is, tots over 48″ will have a hard time scooting. The Trunki Harley the Ladybug Rolling Suitcase is $59.99 and Tipu the Tiger Rolling Suitcase at Amazon for $59.99. Solid colors are $49.99. Worth every penny, in fact, it’s worth double!!



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