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Valentino Alice Glam Feathers Tote


Whether or not this bag is for you, we should all be excited for the return of glam!! Feather and sequins!! What can be more decadent? Well, it’s not like Valentino ever turned sensible but I cannot wait to see what they have in store for us once they pull out all the stops!! You cannot get a sense of the intricacy and details until close inspection but once you do you begin to appreciate the couture luxury and feel. Sure this is super fancy and a bit much for everyday but as a show piece you have to admit, it is pretty fabulous. At Bergdorf Goodman for $4,990.

If this is over the top for you, the Glam tote has the same idea with less embellishments. Go to jump page for photo and info.


Valentino Glam Tote with subtle ruffle and pick stitched detail for $2690.

11 thoughts on “Valentino Alice Glam Feathers Tote

  1. this is so interesting! by the way, visit this page and you will find everything about handbags for you! see you there! :)

  2. My goodness… these bags look like a Mardi Gras mask art project went horribly wrong… ick ick ick.

  3. Gi, you cracked me up with your statement!! And you’re dead on!

  4. Wow, agree with Gi. It looks like someone flung their craft drawer at it to see what would stick…

  5. one word:horrendous.

  6. I wonder what the replica/ copy bags of this one would be like!

  7. Totally agree with Gi, is hideous beyond words, such a waste of bead-work & materials.

  8. mochababe73 on said:

    Wow. There’s ALOT going on with this bag. Feathers and beads and sequins. OH MY! It’s almost like a Pageant Dress for handbags.

    The Glam tote just looks cheap. Like something you would buy from Aldo.

  9. What!?!? I can’t believe the review is anything but a big “yuck”. Unless this bag turns into a completely different bag in person, nothing can rescue it.

  10. I actually like this bag. i dont think it looks cheap at all. I think the workmanship is amazing.

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