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Anya Hindmarch Nylon Baby Travel Kit


Whether you are traveling long distances or taking a short road trip, you are abiding by the “better safe than sorry” rule when it comes to medications, ointments and comfort aids. Which means, you are taking your entire bathroom cabinet with you. Anya Hindmarch is a stickler for organization and labeling so you can always count on her to have the perfect bag for your every need. This gorgeous eggplant nylon travel kit will keep you happy and healthy, in fashion and sanity. At Anya Hindmarch for $330. Perfect gift for new moms!!



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  1. Three. Hundred. DOLLARS?! 😀 Whoa, betsy cow. If I had to pick ‘tween a ‘supped baby “emergency kit” bag or the best actual baby emergancy kit money can buy, I wouldn’t have to think very hard. Bah. Then again, it looks really cool, 🙂 and if you’re in the buiness of gardening cash in your backyard, you could just save yourself the trouble of deciding and buy both! Alas! 🙂 Incre-dee-ble.