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Barneys New York The Bohobo


I am going to the beach this weekend. It’s not even officially Spring yet but it will be 76 degrees in Newport Coast, oh the lovely So Cal weather, I will never leave you! I am feeling a bit “bohobo” because I am staying at a preserved historic California beach cottage at Crystal Cove. The private cove is stunningly beautiful but the accommodations are a bit rough and rustic. But I don’t care, I will be one with nature, just like this Barneys private label Bohobo made of hemp. It has leather straps and with just a minor hardware detail on the front and gussets to give it something. It is the perfect bag for summer!! It is flat though so not meant as a beach bag for big items like towels and stuff. Did you know hemp fiber is stronger than cotton and better for the environment to grow? I’m not insinuating anything, just offering a bit of factoid. At Barneys New York for $495.



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  1. Isn’t $495 a bit (understatement!) overpriced for a HEMP bag with a bit of leather and hardware though? Just my two cents…

  2. No. When I say summer bag, or when I just think about a summer bag, I see colors, lots and lots of colors.

    Or when I see a bag I get a click saying “hey, I`m meant to wear this”. Or not of course. It depends on the bag. No click here, just wanted to share my impression.