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Blair Waldorf’s Foley + Corinna Setter Jr. Tote

It’s crazy how much the Manhattan’s Lower East Side has changed these past few years. Only five years ago I was trekking to the now completely gentrified downtown area to shop at Foley + Corinna and there was pretty much nothing else noteworthy down there. Now the area is full of countless boutiques, bars, and hot spot restaurants. I only hope Foley + Corinna signed a long-term lease before the LES became popular! Above Leighton Meester’s character Blair Waldorf is carrying the blue Setter Jr. Tote ($528) from the label (if you’re in Manhattan, their boutique is worth checking-out. They stock their own brand along with a bunch of vintage finds). The bag is noteworthy because Foley + Corinna are one of the few labels (along with Hayden-Harnett and Rebecca Minkoff), that stock an assortment of well-made, staple, everyday bags that are priced mostly below $600. The Setter Jr. will last a number of seasons and is a practical day bag. Plus I love that it’s not loaded with bells and whistles, so you can get it in a loud color like the blue Blair has got.


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  1. Please, oh please, write about the bags from last night’s Gossip Girl episode. Serena had a beige croc bag to die for, and her mom’s croc wasn’t too shabby, either 😉 Would love to know what the were.

  2. Hayden-Harnett actually doesn’t *stock* bags. They sell “preorders” that don’t materialize for upwards of eight months.