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Bobbi Brown Color Strips Collection


Remember the 80’s when you applied your make up colors depending if you’re an “Autumn” “Spring” or “Summer”?  I mean back then, god forbid if you wore cool pink tones if you were determined a warm Autumn!  Thank god we’ve thrown all those misguided ideas out the window– any one can wear any color if done right.  Which is what Bobbi Brown has taught us since she revolutionized the industry 20 years ago.  It’s all about being as natural and neutral as possible, who says a brunette with olive toned skin can not rock a blue eye shadow?  With Bobbi’s new “Color Strips Collection” you can do it all, effortlessly!  Color Strips is a complete spring eye, lip and cheek wardrobe designed by Bobbi so you can use pops of color with five eye shadows and three shades of pot rough designed to work together beautifully!  Color without boundaries,,, imagine the possibilities! 

The collection is at retail counters now but we will be giving away THREE SETS courtesy of Bobbi herself!  Stay tuned next Monday to find out how you can win Bobbi’s new “Color Strips Collection”!  Or if you’re like me and can not wait, run to a Bobbi counter today or click to her website here to purchase-– Price: $60.00




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  1. I think those “80s” color ideas still work really well! Yeah, you can wear anything if you don’t want to look your best…This may just be “politically correct” theory being used to sell product.

  2. I agree, the ‘season’ concept still works well. I’m a winter and the associated colors make me glow, while golden autumn colors make me look sick. I have brown eyes and lavender shadows look just terrible on me, those ‘brown eye’ kits always seem to have lavender/purple shadows in them. Anyone can wear neutrals, which is what I like for eyes. I love these palettes – I’m sure they’d be a great go-to.

  3. I agree – being a redhead I look much better in autumn colours than I do in pinks and blues…maybe in the 80s I could have got away with it, but I certainly can’t now I’m 30 years older! The seasonal colourways are the best. Even looking at the Bobbi palettes, it seems she’s produced them in autumn, winter and summer colours.