Frugal Snob: Caldrea for Target

Growing-up in Manhattan it was quite the adjustment when I went upstate to Cornell for college (I didn’t even know how to drive at that point!). While I missed a lot of city things, Ithaca had one thing that Manhattan didn’t — Target (ooo how I miss being a 5 minute drive away from Target!). I was there weekly picking-up everything from groceries and household essentials, to DVDs and undershirts, but of course the biggest perk of Target in Ithaca is that no one shops their designer collaborations! I have a ton of Luella, Behnaz, and Proenza, all of which I was able to leisurely shop. Now another collaboration is in the works however and I have a feeling even the folks in Ithaca will be interested in it. Caldrea, the luxury aromatherapy home-keeping brand, has teamed up with Target to launch (April 1st) an amazing line that I was able to preview two weeks ago. Priced from $5.99-$19.99, the line has got wonderfully scented candles (votive, room, kitchen, pillar, and signature ones in gift boxes), diffusers, home fragrances, hand care sets, soaps, counter-top and all-purpose cleaners, kitchen sets, and more, all packaged in sleek and modern containers.

The collection’s scents include: Citron Ginger, Water Lily, Pomegranate Fig, White Birch, and Cypress Sage. I can’t wait to snap-up some of their candles in a few days! Maybe I’ll even get a few cleaners…pretend like I’m somewhat domestic:-)

One thought on “Frugal Snob: Caldrea for Target

  1. When is Target getting laundry aides?? That would be great, they are so nice to use.

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