Diane von Furstenberg Knots Print Beach Tote


Get ready for the beach with this Frugal Snob tote that is as cute as it is affordable. And multi-functional. Who says this can’t be your favorite tote away from beach, pool and picnic at the park? The bright pink will show off your perfect tan beautifully but even if you aren’t there yet, this is a color everyone loves and looks good in. I love the knots print, it just represents summer to me, a bit nautical, reminds me of espadrilles, easy dresses with rope belts – the whole thing is just working for me. And the price, that is definitely working for me, at Neiman Marcus for $75.

2 thoughts on “Diane von Furstenberg Knots Print Beach Tote

  1. The price tag seems alright, but I guess this is why this tote looks kind of cheap… you can get bags like that on the highstreet.

  2. It’s PVC

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