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Dior Fall 2010 Bags


I’ve not been a big fan of Dior bags of late, but I’m really loving what John Galliano has whipped up for fall. While it wasn’t a particularly bag heavy show, I am feeling his new soft, malleable hobo-inspired number complete with ample side ruching and slim CD logo affixed to the side (to be appreciated right?). Not only does it look roomy, but the long, slim adjustable side straps mean this bag will be fully adaptable to different arm lengths. While there were some more classic, structured bag shapes, I’m preferring this slouchy bell shape because it translates well for working women as well as soccer moms. It looks durable yet chic, capacious yet expensive. Judging by how it was worn on the runway, I prefer it held in the hand and not worn on the shoulder; the latter makes it look somewhat cumbersome (but that could also depend on the color). It’s not as editorial as I think magazine editors would like it to be, but for the modern woman, I think Dior has a hit on its hands.




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