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Guerlain Precious Light Rejuvenating Illuminator

When it comes to concealers and lip glosses, packaging is very important to me because they’re the two products I usually take with me when I go out. So, I have to admit that it’s the packaging of Guerlain’s Precious Light Rejuvenating Illuminator ($48) that initially got me attracted. Guerlain’s packaging is always tops – they’re one of the few brands who still provide brushes with many of their products and this sleek gold stick comes in a velvet pouch. Not to say that this highlighter/cover-up is all style and no substance…it has mastered both! I love my Kanebo cover-up, but the pump system always gets my hands dirty, so this is great because I can easily apply and then just pop it in my bag. The brush is perfectly sized to cover-up dull skin around lips, nose, and underneath eyes. I would especially recommend it if you’re looking for light coverage and something that can double as a highlighter as this is formulated with “gold radiance pigments” which helps brighten the skin (I actually like applying it between my brow and lid as well).


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  1. Nice gold packaging, you were right when you said it was what initially attracted you. It can be used as coverage and highlighter, great!. I think I’ll be trying this product soon.