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New Hayden-Harnett Cuffs

I’m totally gaga over Hayden-Harnett’s newest cuffs. I first discovered the brand when I ran into a friend in Paris wearing one of Hayden-Harnett’s signature Ramone Studded Slim Cuffs ($90, pictured on the left) and immediately looked-up the brand and feel in love with all of their jewelry, handbag, apparel, and shoe offerings. The Ramone is so easy-to-wear and versatile that it has become one of my staples and I wear it at some point almost every week. For Spring the Vesuvius Tie Cuff ($188) is an eye-catching, bold leather cuff which can double as an ankle accessory! It’s got this great fashionable-rocker thing going on, while the Lava Wide Cuff ($98) shows off HH’s custom hardware (there was actually a matching clutch to this cuff which I’m totally kicking myself for not snatching:-(. Love the contrasting red and black leather), in a more classic silhouette.  

What do you think about Hayden-Harnett’s new cuffs?

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