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Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Novella Royale Mister Stud Bowler Bag

Jennifer Love Hewitt has been looking great lately (poor girl has been through so much in the tabloids!), so I almost feel bad knocking her Novella Royale Mister Stud Bowler Bag ($584). While I think it’s awesome that the bag has been made out of recycled leather jackets which is not only an eco, original idea, but it makes each bag unique, I can’t help think this bag looks like a sad cross between the LV Speedy and the neon stud bags Rebecca Minkoff came-out with last year. The hardware looks pretty cheap-o to me too and there is no interior cellphone pocket (which to me is as obnoxious as when eye shadows or compacts don’t come with brushes…unfortunately that happens all too often!).

What do you think about this Bowler? Snob or Slob?


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  1. It’s ok, but nothing to get excited about. I can’t believe it doesn’t have a cell phone pocket. That’s ridiculous and a definite deal breaker.

  2. For those of us with Blackberrys, there aren’t many bags with cell phone pockets. 🙁

    This bag is okay, but too small (for me) to carry as a day bag and I have lots I’d prefer to carry for evening. I think it looks cute on Jennifer though!

  3. I actually like this bag a lot… I want one.

    As nice an idea as interior cell phone pockets are, they rarely fit every phone. I have tons of purses where the fit is either too snug and makes a struggle to get in and out, or they are too large and my phone falls out into the bottom of my purse.

    ** BTW, the idea of making a purse out of recycled leather jackets is not original to Novella Royale at all. dean. has been doing this for years now. They have a more handmade vibe:

  4. I just found the NR website that has better photos of the bag.

    I agree with you on the hardware. What bothers me is that the zipper is gold while the rings are silver. That would drive me bananas.