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Nordstrom Slouchy Eco Tote with Pouch


Although there are a huge variety of eco-totes out there, most of the truly stylish ones are not that affordable. This truly Frugal Snob tote from Nordstrom is made from recycled water bottles and the tree print shows how eco-chic you really are. The bag folds up and fits into a zipped pouch, and while being used the pouch is great for your smaller items. This is cute enough to use as a regular tote for the summer or if you are a serious grocery Bag Snob, it is only $21.95 so you can get all 3 colors (gray, green and yellow) to keep in your car for the market. It is machine washable so you can use them for both purposes! There are great details like an exterior zip pocket and adjustable handles. Yes, there is “Nordstrom” written on it, but I actually don’t mind it because it blends in with the tree design. At Nordstrom for $21.95.



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  1. Oh my, apparently the pouch can snap into the inside of the bag and double as a pocket. I’m definitely picking up a few of these as gifts!

  2. it looks cute in the ads – but I didn’t get these for bridesmaids gifts after I saw the workmanship up close. The grommet and hook, and webbed strap look a lot cheaper in person. Also – it’s completely soft and unstructured and the sides collapse like crazy unless you have it stuffed. At the same time the bottom is really stiff. Even the Nordstrom sales girl suggested I get other things!

    Great in theory – not in practice.

  3. Bought one, black color, really like it. Stays on shoulders, strap is soft and adjustable, lots of space, two room zip pockets, and stylish grommets and metal ring hardware. Had to go back and buy 4 more as gifts, as surprise appreciation gifts, to my bag lady friends at work. Gave one to my sister, as a nice diaper bag (to use, instead of the free one given by the formula companies. plastic.) Have 4 colors, black, blue, gray and yellow. Haven’t seen green. Wish there were more colors. We bag ladies have bags we use to impress, bags we use when we dress up for evening events.

    This is a convient tote for casual kick back, running errand days (grocery or farmers market shopping, soccer games, parades, going to the gym, park, picnic or beach.) Don’t have to care if it gets dirty on the floor of your car or any stadium ground, or from sand or grass, water or juice bottle leaks, or if it smells like pretzels, it’s canvas…just wash it. Plus, we are helping save our enviorment, one bag at a time. It’d be nice if Nordstroms would donate $1, for every bag purchased, to plant a tree. Tip, use the roomy inside (extra pouch/ cosmetic bag) as a mini-zip pouch for wallet, keys and Droid, ect. . . the bag is a tote, “big” and it could take you a few minutes to find car keys at the bottom of the bag. Try one, you’ll like it, and if you don’t,return it, Nordstroms has one of the best return policies. Even better… give it to a lady friend, or relative to let you know you were thinking of them. “Some times you have to give, in order to recieve.”