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Prada Fall 2010 Bags


Small in size, yet voluptuous in capacity: the bags that sauntered down Prada’s fall runway seemed to reflect Miuccia Prada’s plumped-up proportions for the season to come. Aside for a handful of arm candy showings, handbags were clearly not the focus for Prada’s runway this season; alas, however, the offerings were creative and diverse. From more stable, solid shoulder bags that have become Prada staples to a more witty luggage-style handheld (done in artsy prints) to colorful, knotted leather totes and clutches, there was a little something for every Pradaphile. Clearly, there will be a much larger selection to hit stores in fall, but as for the runway versions, my favorite is the voluminous, pillow-like carryalls. Check out those croc handles and zipper tassels; I love how they’re juxtaposed with the lightweight, satiny sheen fabrics comprising the bags themselves.



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