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Psychodermic Skincare: Orlane Hypnotherapy Eye Cream

orlane_hypnotherapy_eyecream.jpg I am into hocus pocus and love a good palm reading (free) at parties but even this was a bit far stretched for me.  Psychodermic skincare?  Who’d believe that!?!?  Or maybe it’s the most brilliant marketing strategy, ever!  Of course I had to investigate and requested a sample of what’s being touted as the first Psychodermic care for eyes in high-tech cosmetology.  Yes you read correctly, not only is your eyecream expected to rid you of wrinkles, it will now replace your psychologist, too.  Apparently our skin ages not only from the environment but also from our emotional state of mind (okay, I’ll buy that– stress makes me look and feel old).  Which is why Orlane has created “Psychorepair”, a plant-based complex that provides skin with Omega 3 fatty acids, protects skin, and regenerates skin tissue to

prevent aging.  This plant complex is said to stimulates the release of neuromediators involved in the response of

extreme stress and after using it for a week I can’t tell you if it’s actually the cream or just finally being home after 3 weeks of traveling but I do feel more calm (most likely from being at home but who knows!?).

I do know this- the cream itself has a nice rich texture without being too oily and feels ultra moisturizing when massaged into the eye area.  I even use it during the day under make up which is providing me with an additional boost since I’m so dehydrated from air travel (no, it’s not the wine we drank daily, I’m certain it’s the airplanes!).  So if you’d like to see if it alters your own state of mind and are looking for a luxurious (expensive) new eye cream– give it a try.  At the very least, your eyes will be hydrated and you’ll look rested.  At most, you can stop going to your psychologist. 

 Orlane Hypnotherapy Eye Cream at Neiman Marcus $250



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